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Exact location of Las Palmeras

Located 45 minutes from Managua, Free Zone Las Palmeras is in the heart of Los Pueblos. This means our free zone has a labor pool that derives from over a dozen small towns that have hardly any source of work. It also means that in less than an hour an executive can make it to the international airport. But by choosing a higher altitude than Managua (1,800 feet above mean sea level versus 180 feet a.m.s.l.), our free zone has an ambient temperature advantage of about seven degrees. This in turn helps increase efficiency and productivity.

Below you will find the map of the towns, including the city of Managua, and a circle of about 12 miles in diameter around our free zone. The yellow rectangle reflects the exact location of Free Zone Las Palmeras, in the middle of two towns (about 2 miles each way) San Marcos and Masatepe; this last one being a bus hub for most of the towns nearby.


Relative Humidity
Temperature and Percent of Ideal Productivity

And finally you will see a chart from the AHRAE Fundamentals showing the relationship between Relative Humidity, Temperature and Percent of Ideal Productivity as related to the ambient conditions at our Free Zone versus those in Managua.



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