Once you have decided that Nicaragua is the best place for your manufacturing business, then you need to choose the best Free Zone in Nicaragua.

The location of our free zone offers a rural atmosphere that certainly creates a long term relationship with the people, our most important asset. The environment will be preserved under an American style of management. Also, with the free zone amenities, ie:. shopping center, housing project, recreational areas, etc., we are looking to have a hard working stable labor force that will help to attain the offshore success we are all striving for.

Location was chosen after carefull analisys of the country. Las Palmeras is located in the middle of “Los Pueblos” which are a series sleeping towns with a combined population of 600,000 people and very few work opportunities. This is the source of your labor pool. Our free zone is two miles from the bus terminal for the region of Carazo and Masaya where these towns are located. Since the free zone is 1,800 feet above sea level, ambient temperature is much cooler than most locations such as Managua, Tipitapa, Masaya, Granada, Chinandega, León, Ciudad Sandino, etc. making worker productivity much more efficient and air conditioning costs much lower.


Strategic Partners

By establishing your factory in Free Zone Las Palmeras, you obtain three strategic local partners for your business. And your local partners are an important asset that will assist you in making your investment a success.


American Values

Finally, this is a company based on American Values. Our company philosophy is based on our understanding that our long term success depends primarily on the success of the factories. And the factories success depends primarily on the long term comitment.



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