Custom Offices

The customs office is working since 2010 in our park which facilitates the export and import procedures.


We provide perimeter site security and strict in and out controls for containers, only allowed out with written notification by authorized personnel.

Our dock areas are designed to be the "Lock in" type, not allowing unauthorized personnel to walk behind open containers in light of stricter C-TPAT rulings. 


We keep an ongoing detailed data base that reflects all needed information. Applications are filled previously accommodating to companies needs in order to expedite operator recruiting.

Water 24/7

We have a 62,000 gallon water reserve with it's own hydroneumatic system. The water is pre-treated for human consumption with ongoing periodical tests. This whole system also connected to a stand-by diesel generator with an automatic transfer switch, serves as fire protection along with a network of hydrants scattered around the park.

Garbage Removal

As part of our garbage removal service we have an ongoing recycling program that separates most of disposal materials for reuse purposes thru alliances with local and foreign companies.

We see taking care of the environment as an opportunity to maintain the legacy for future generations, therefore are in the process of obtaining a "Green Seal" given by the government to environmental friendly companies.




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